How to Care for Fresh Flowers

Flowers are beautiful, and professionally designed bouquets can be very attractive. Flowers can also have significant sentimental meaning as they are often presented to us as gifts. We would love to prolong the lives of flowers and preserve their sentimental and aesthetic beauty as much as possible. Visit our website and learn more about

Most flowers last for 7 days with proper care. However, some flowers can last as long 14 days. Here are some ways to extend the life span of cut flowers.

Bring flowers to water

Flowers will begin to dry after a very short time without water. You should get your flowers into a container or vase with water as soon as you can. Warm water is the best way to rehydrate flowers after they arrive home. Warm water will encourage opening the blooms since most flowers come in a closed or tight container.

Technically, the ideal temperature is 37.5C (99.5F), which corresponds to your body temperature. The temperature at which air bubbles may have formed in the stem tends to dissolve. Flowers will take in water that is warmer than the surrounding atmosphere more readily.

Water changes

You should change the water every 2 days. So that the flowers remain hydrated, you can change to cold water. This keeps the flowers cool, which is crucial for keeping them in good condition.

Use flowers preservatives

Affinity Flowers ships with a sachet containing flower preservative. Two main components of flower preserver are carbohydrates and anti-bacterial additives.

The carbohydrates are food that helps flowers survive. You will also see a faster opening of the flower heads due to the carbohydrates. This is useful when trying to open flower heads that are usually shipped with tightly packed blooms, such as lilies.

The water’s bactericide prevents the growth of bacteria. A bactericide component will stop bacteria from growing in the water. This will make flowers deteriorate more quickly. Bacteria can also block the growth of flowers and prevent water from being absorbed. If bacteria is allowed to grow, it can also cause vase water discolouration and unpleasant odours.

Simply empty the contents from the flower preservative sachets into a vase of water.

You could also add 1-2 drops to the water if you don’t have flower preserver. The bleach will work as an anti-bacterial, just like commercial flower preservers.

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