Do You Need Garage Door Repair Services

Nothing is more annoying that waiting for the garage door to open. Sometimes, we wish there were a magic word such as “open sesame” that would allow us to open our garage doors. After many years of service, automatic doors start to fail. You must ensure that they are maintained regularly if you want them working properly. You can see Garage Door Repair Cary for more information.

Garage Door Repairs May Not be Necessary

The majority of problems with doors are small and easily fixable. Do not panic if the door doesn’t open. You may not need a technician to solve the problem. To test it, try these simple steps first. These are the top reasons doors don’t open.

The remote should be checked to make sure it works. You can usually resolve the problem by checking the battery charge of the remote. You will know the problem if you can open the garage door manually and not with the remote.

It is very common for the operator or power cable to not be plugged in. First, check that the motor of the door is plugged in and turned on. If the door does not open, you can try to plug it into a different socket. Sometimes the socket may not have enough power.

No Line of Vision: To operate, automatic doors require photo detectors. These sensors are used to detect obstructions such as people standing in the way of the door closing. It’s very similar to an elevator door. If the sensors are not connected properly, the door won’t open or close. First, make sure there are no obstructions to these photo eyes and sensors. Sometimes the lens may also become cloudy or dirty. You can clean your lens regularly with a damp cloth.

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